Printing A4 Imagen Color


Printing service of A4 sheet with big image/photograph or images in color.

Discounts if the images are not big.

Printing from pendrive USB, from mobile, memory card SD,..


Printing B&W Text DINA4


B&W printing of DINA$ paper (one side) that only include text, without images.

Discounts for quantities, reaching a price of € 0.11.

Printing of documents, web pages, text work. In DINA4 format. Printing from Pendrive USB, from mobile, from memory cards SD,..

Printing image/s in b&w DINA4


Print DINA4 paper (one side) with a few images, or large image in black.

Printing of boarding passes, tickets, tickets,.. when include large large image printed.

Printing service in b&w of page with images.


Printing Curriculum with Color Photo

0,29 0,20

Special price Printing of the text curriculum sheet without images but including an small color portrait photo, classic format, this is the price of the sheet (one side) that includes the photograph.

If the curriculum includes more pages and the rest pages has only black text, without images, the price of each page will be Text Printing in b&w

Price unit: € 0,20.

Discounts already applied to the price.