Color Photocopies


Photocopy Curriculum with Color Photo

0,29 0,20

Special price for a photocopy in Color of a DINA4 paper of a Curriculum with b&w text only, without images, but with an small photograph in colour.

Special Price, unit: € 0,20.

If the curriculum includes more than one page, and the others pages has not photograph or images in colour, then the prices of each of that pages is € 0,15: Photocopy in b&w.

Photocopy Color


Photocopy of color sheet, with text and images or color photographs.

Discounts will be applied when the content has small images or the image does not fill all the paper.

Photocopy Reduction A3 to A4 Color


Color photocopy with reduction of DINA3 size to DINA4 size.

Maximum reduction of 43×30, to size 21×29 or a greater reduction, on paper of standard size A4.

Reduction of images, color plans, etc.

Discounts will be applied if the printed paper does not contain many images or colored background surface.