Since the beginning of 1999, it has been our priority to provide the best Internet connection service, and all the extra services necessary like printing and scanning, in the center of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.


Offering a connection is our vocation, it was and it is the reason why we opened 20 years ago, in the first months of 1999, introducing Internet to the people as many other cybers did everywhere.

There was nothing similar to Internet, although at that time the services provided by the NET were practically only simple web pages in HTML with text, images and links, also the web-mail started, in addition to the IRC chat already exists.

In a short time, reaching the end of 1999, Internet popularity grew up, Internet Boom started, but it ending in the Dot-com bubble between 2000 and 2001. But in these years we have had different connection technologies, we renewed equipment multiple times, and increased the number of services, to this day. Serving a connection is the main reason that we are here, yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Just a Connection!.


Not only do we offer is an Internet connection but we also contribute with content to the NET with the creation of web pages to clients and our web pages such as:

Web about Running
Web about Running in the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Calendar of popular races and sport events, with information, links, photographs, results,...

Photos, News & Info
Photos, News & info about places and traditions of the Tenerife island. A jorney through the island, visiting the most beautiful and emblematic places of ours islands.

Blog of our site CyberTenerife with info, news, links, guides and videos, about Internet in general, computers, website building, games, mobiles,.. and of course our town.